How to deal with fear

When Mattias is asked what his biggest fear is, his answer is: death. He shares that he has been thinking about death a lot, especially since a once very close childhood friend passed away not too long ago. Mattias talks about how he and his friend were very close growing up but unfortunately lost contact as they grew older. They eventually started to see each other again about 10 years ago but then lost touch once more. One day Mattias' mother told him about the death of that friend, which left Mattias in shock since he had no idea that his friend was even sick in the first place.

Experiences could trigger fear

Experiences like this will always trigger fear and you might end up obsessing about things. This is what happened to Mattias after the loss of his friend. While on the one hand, these thoughts were frightening him, they made him stay more focused on the other.

Acceptance is the best tool

Mattias explains further how fear is influencing him as an entrepreneur. Starting and founding a company and being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you’re fearless. Quite the contrary; he even admits that he has a lot of fears. Mattias believes that accepting these fears is the best tool to find a way forward in life and with your business.

Competing against himself

Another aspect that pushes him forward businesswise is his passion for competing. He does not only compete against others but especially against himself. He likes to conquer himself and his own limitations and always compares himself now to where has was before. Mattias explains that it is really important to have that competition with yourself when you are an entrepreneur and your goal is to grow a successful business.

Ask yourself what you’re ready to sacrifice if you want to start your own business.

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