How to improve the sales process

In today's (Christmas) episode, Mattias wraps up the week and talks about some interesting improvements he's going through with his sales team.


Mattias shares that the week has been a good one and he especially enjoyed the new introduced marble game. At iGoMoon the team visualizes their goals with the help of marbles which they collect in a jar. Depending on how well the individual teams performed, they get a number of marbles which they can use in the physical marble game, where the goal is to hit four different pyramids which get put up in the office. The more marbles a team has, the higher the chance to win this game.

Other than the marble game, Mattias has spent a lot of work improving the sales process and supported Henrik and Dennis in the sales team this week. In this regard, he is talking about a book called "The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation" (by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson) that he and the sales team have been reading the last couple of weeks to become even better at selling. They all read the book individually and every two weeks meet up to discuss chapter by chapter and everything they have learned together.

The book is about becoming a better salesperson and focuses on what kind of behaviors and attitudes a good salesperson should have. One aspect of this book that was very interesting to Mattias, was the insight that the worst salespeople are actually the ones who are best at building relationships with other people. Those people usually want to please everyone and are not good at challenging a customer. According to Mattias, challenging the customer/the decision-maker is one the most important things you need to be able to do in order to be a successful salesperson.


Mattias explains how at the beginning of building a company most of them, including iGoMoon, take on all kinds of jobs just to be able to pay the bills. Over the years iGoMoon managed to niche down significantly and nowadays only works together with customers that are relevant for that specific niche. However, he realized that it is not only important to find out if a customer is a good fit in that sense, but also if the customer is a culture fit for iGoMoon. This means that it is also important to evaluate if the customer and the team at iGoMoon have good chemistry and share the same values.


Mattias starts off by giving Kudos to Svea for being his partner in creating the "MattGron Talks" episodes. He explains how he appreciates that she's always keeping track of everything, comes up with good questions, and brings good energy to the recordings. The publishing of 132 episodes and all the improvements and learnings are definitely a victory.

You don't need to be born a great salesperson - you need to be open to learning how to be one.

How are you improving your sales process?

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