How to manage KPIs and people

Mattias jumps into today's Friday episode by talking about a classic misunderstanding when writing a message to his colleague Åsa and leaving out one word, resulting in completely changing the meaning of the entire sentence. He books this incident under the "what I could have done better" section of the week.

Spreading culture and vision

The previous days were also filled with a lot of work regarding the talent acquisition and recruitment process since there are currently four job openings at iGoMoon. On that note, Mattias mentions how amazing it is to talk to a candidate who is already excited about iGoMoon's culture and vision before their application. This makes the recruitment process a lot more fun and efficient since there is a huge difference when talking to someone who already bought into the company's beliefs and wants to be a part of it.

Management affects growth

Mattias also talks about how managing people can be a tough job sometimes. On the one hand, you have these highly complex beings - the people - and on the other hand, you have linear and rational things like KPIs and goals. It is important to remember that, at the end of the week, it's the people who achieve these KPIs and eventually manifest the company's vision. That's why it can be hard and frustrating balancing both sides of the spectrum. Here it is important to be able to zoom out, look at the bigger picture and last but not least be an empathic leader.

Mattias compares people with plants: they are living beings that you need to help grow and nurture over time. How much these plants grow depends on the environment you as a leader create within your organization. That's one reason why Mattias is doing his weekly self-inventory. He believes that if he doesn't reflect on his own actions he is not able to create that right environment.
In the end, what matters most is not what you have achieved on your entrepreneurial journey, but rather who you became in the process.

What matters most is not what you have achieved but rather who you became on your entrepreneurial journey.

How do you balance your KPIs and people?

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