How to practice self-leadership

This Friday episode starts a bit differently than our others. We decided to leave in some of the footage right before the actual recording to show you what is actually going on behind the scenes. You get to see Mattias performing German techno music, a gigantic Star Wars coffee cup, and of course we are also talking about the weekly recap and insights about self-leadership.


The past week Mattias predominantly focused on the onboarding of the new crew member Annie, who recently started as a HubSpot developer at iGoMoon. In addition, he also had a customer meeting and a partner training with Vidyard that was part of a five-week training program. In last week's Vidyard training he learned how he can develop his landing page of Vidyard videos to draw more people into iGoMoon's marketing funnel. Unfortunately, one colleague decided to leave iGoMoon last week, feeling that the role was not a 100% match for him.

Mattias also goes more into depth about the topic of self-leadership in this episode. He believes that you must be able to visualize iGoMoon's culture code and vision board and find out if you align with it, if it sounds meaningful to you, and if you want to contribute to it.

Ask for honest feedback

Part of proper self-leadership is also daring to ask for honest feedback. Coaching can come from a manager or team leader but also your colleague and you shouldn't be waiting for your boss to approach you. The questions to ask could be e.g:

  • What do you think I can develop?
  • What can I change?
  • What is your experience?

One way to make asking these questions a habit is the weekly self-inventory. Every Friday all team members answer the questions:

  1. Be brave - what am I not proud of/what could I have done better?
  2. Stay crisp - what did I learn this week?
  3. Have fun - what have I been celebrating/ how many kudos do I give out?

Afterward, they share their answers and thoughts with the rest of the team in the weekly Monday Morning Meeting (M3 Meeting).

Start seeing feedback as a chance to invest in your own personal growth instead of criticism.

What is your thoughts? 🙂


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