HR work takes time

In today's Friday episode Mattias talks about the things that were most important for him during this week. One of those topics is the importance of HR work and how he has underestimated the workload around that for a while. They simply use the report as a tool to communicate what’s going on at iGoMoon to the board.

HR work is time consuming

Mattias is looking for a full-time HR person to join the company since he basically juggles five roles at the moment. During this week he has had several different interviews for different positions. There is one potential developer in the final stage of the interview process now, but the other processes are going a bit slower which Mattias is not proud of. The recruitment work and talent acquisition takes a lot more time than estimated and to achieve their growth goals, more time needs to be invested which he is planning to put up another ad for the HR position next week, which would be focused on 80% talent acquisition and 20% HR-work supporting Mattias. The underestimation of the workload was also related to the job market, Mattias explains that it is important to source a network much more for all open positions.

Improving the onboarding process

They also launched the go to market process three weeks ago at the conference and therefore needs good onboarding for new team members, the team leaders have taken some responsibility for this process and the HR person could also be a part of it. The lead developer Frank has also taken a step forward with the onboarding process and could help the HR person create assignment tests in future interview processes.

This week Mattias learned that he has to create an org chart for iGoMoon and how it would look when reaching the 2023 goal of 30 people and a revenue of 30 million SEK.

Prioritize your own needs and set clear boundaries.

Have you hired an HR person?

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