HubSpot is becoming a CRM tool

Mattias starts off this Friday episode by sharing some leadership insights. He explains that a huge part of leading a team is understanding every person’s "WIIFM“ (What’s in it for me?). Most people are very logical, thinking in a cause and effect scheme.

First step is to listen

This causes them to act whenever there is a reason to act. If you as a leader want to move forward and affect the WIIFM you need to be a good listener. If you understand someone’s goal better it is easier to tie that individual goal into the goal of your company. Like this, the individual person will find a bigger purpose to do or improve things. However, Mattias realized this week that he was not following his own advice and actually practiced the opposite. He caught himself not listening and enough and by talking too much, forcing his way of things onto someone else.

Apart from that he has been very productive this week and continued working on the sales side of things alongside Henrik and Dennis. The three of them are currently attending two sales training webinars together with HubSpot.

HubSpot partner webinars

Some reflections he wants to share regarding those HubSpot webinars are: As a HubSpot partner, you night meet to structure your sales process a bit differently compared to how HubSpot teaches its partners. Mattias experience is that when HubSpot is training their partners, they are struggling a bit with understanding the service side of the sales process.

CRM becoming a business tool

Something else Mattias is elaborating more about is how iGoMoon as a HubSpot partner needs to understand how HubSpot is transforming its market position. In the very beginning, HubSpot has been a marketing automation tool and a lot of people still see HubSpot as only that. However, HubSpot has been transitioning into a CRM business tool throughout the last few years. The interesting thing here is that usually when people talk about a CRM tool, they would define it as a sales tool. Yet due to digitalization, CRM becomes the business tool more or less. HubSpot took notice of that and started to really position themselves as a CRM tool.

Mattias wraps up the summary of this week by talking about the highlights, which were closing a new deal with a client and playing frisbee golf (#Månresan vlog) with the iGoMoon team.

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