Improving meeting agendas and leadership

In today's episode, Mattias shares how the first official work week of 2022 was going - even though he was quarantining at home.


Since Mattias had symptoms, he decided that it would be best to stay home. He describes the past week as an interesting experience and explains that he's grateful that he owns a company he could run from anywhere. It was, however, Matilda's (the brand new HR person) first week, and remote onboardings have their challenges. Nevertheless, Matilda did a fantastic job, and Mattias is happy to have her on board finally.

This week another essential item on his agenda was the "kommandobryggan meeting" -the meeting with all of iGoMoon's leaders. This particular session was dedicated to talking about all the different meetings held every week. For example, every Monday morning, there is the M3 meeting where everyone is involved. There are also special meetings for the sales team and the production team, and all those individual meetings add up to about 10 per week. The leaders talked about defining and updating the agendas for them, to make their purpose clear for everyone. Working on the agendas was an important step for Mattias to improve the leadership at iGoMoon.

On Thursday, the team had a discovery workshop to work on their marketing plan for 2022. Mattias was happy to see so many creative ideas but is also cautious about the execution of those. Great ideas are one thing - turning those into reality another.


When it comes to his self-inventory for the week, Mattias talks about leadership once again. He's working on his leadership and needs to hold himself accountable. On top of that, though, he also needs to hold his team accountable - especially the leaders he works closest with. He explains that it's not okay to show up unprepared to a meeting, especially when you have promised to deliver something. While Mattias admits that he's not a Saint and certainly is guilty of this behavior himself, he still wants to work hard on this issue and get everyone on track regarding self-leadership and accountability. The better leadership at iGoMoon starts with him today, he says.

Talking about self-leadership, he mentions the book "The One Minute Manager," which he recommends everyone to read. The book comes with a framework that he likes to apply in the coaching sessions with his leaders.

Firstly, it is crucial to define the long-term and short-term goals with the person you're coaching. Additionally, you need to look if their behaviors and actions align with reaching those specific goals.
Really documenting these things make it easy to follow up in future meetings and see if the goals have been met ore not. If the goals have been met, it's time for the "one minute praising". Here you praise the other person's behavior and encourage them to keep up the good work. If on the other hand, the goals have not been met the "one minute reprimands" take place. Here, you need to clarify and agree on goals and evaluate why they were not achieved in the first place.


The victories of the week were Jessica and Matilda joining the iGoMoon crew.

Sometimes a simple framework is all you need to improve.

How are you improving leadership?

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