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As every Friday, Mattias and Svea are looking back at the week and are talking about Mattias' self-inventory.

Summary of the week

This week Mattias was busy with a lot of customer meetings and also joined a sales meeting. He explains that it has been a while since his last sales meeting because he had so much to do with the move and recruiting new talents. This week alone he managed to sign off a new UI/UX designer, another person in South Africa and he almost sealed a deal with another part-time UI/UX designer, who might join the team in the near future as well.

In addition, Mattias attended a board meeting where the revenue goal for 2022 was set up. Next year, iGoMoon is aiming to hit 24 million SEK. This means that the goal has almost doubled in comparison to the current year, but so has the headcount of the team.

Speaking of goals, he reintroduced smaller goals for each week. The team did that before, however, paused this tradition when the pandemic came. Mattias is planning to regularly incorporate these weekly goals again at the start of the new year.

The victories of the week

Mattias shares that it's basically the first time that iGoMoon set up a real budget for 2022. The budget is accompanied by the revenue goal and an actual plan to realize it. Another victory of the week was definitely signing off the new talents who will join the team shortly. However, Mattias is still looking for more people to join iGoMoon as UI/UX designers.

What Mattias learned

Mattias links last week's Friday episode with today's episode and emphasizes once more how much he likes having people read "Built to Sell" by John Warrillow. In the past, Mattias realized that there was some confusion around where iGoMoon is going in the future. The book is a perfect example of what iGoMoon is trying to become and has proven itself to be a great way to make potential hires understand what to expect when they start their employment at Mattias' HubSpot agency. Additionally, it's also a great reminder for the existing team, and Mattias schedules one-on-one sessions with everyone to discuss the book and hear about everyone's opinions.

What Mattias could have done better

There is a big challenge on a leadership level at iGoMoon. One problem is the lack of sufficient communication between the leaders and the other one is defining a clear mission for the leaders.
Both of those problems also cause issues when it comes to leading the rest of the team in the right way. Mattias is currently working together with a leadership communication coach on how is going to help iGoMoon improving in that area.

Without proper communication and a clear leadership mission, you can't lead your team in the right direction.

How are you improving communication and leadership?

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