Introducing the self-inventory

In this Monday episode, Mattias talks about the weekly “self-inventory” that everyone at iGoMoon takes part in during Friday afternoon. The inventory consists of three questions connected to the core values at iGoMoon, and everyone is answering them to drive personal growth.

Answers the questions:

  1. Be brave – what am I not proud of/what could I have done better?
  2. Stay crisp – what did I learn this week?
  3. Have fun – what have I been celebrating/ how many kudos do I give out?

Peer to peer recognition

Kudos are a way to acknowledge one’s colleagues at iGoMoon by giving them physical cards which are saying “you are crisp” and “you are brave” (during Covid, a Slack channel has taken over that movement). Team members who believe a colleague did something really well in regards to the culture code, can give peer-to-peer recognition using the cards. There also is a point system connected to this, which makes it possible for the team members to be rewarded multiple times per year with the “culture heart”. Last year’s reward e.g. was a trip to Boston to attend the Inbound event with HubSpot.

Mattias self-inventory

Mattias also shares his own reflections from the past week. Regarding the first question, (what am I not proud of/what could I have done better?) he explains that he was not proud of how he had lost focus on the bigger goals last year during Covid. iGoMoon went into survival mode. Before Covid, there has always been a clear goal each year, which has not really been defined for 2021 yet. But now he roles out fresh goals for 2021 in a couple of weeks.

Stop compare yourself with others

The second question (what did I learn this week?) he talked about how he wasn’t happy with himself falling into the self-pity hole and started comparing himself with other entrepreneurs. That always leads you away from your purpose.

Its not what you look at that matters – its what you see


How to win hearts with Vidyard

Last question (what have I been celebrating/ how many kudos do I give out?), in regards to what he celebrated last week and who he gives kudos to, he mentions that iGoMoon had their first webinar together with Vidyard, which he was really happy about. See the Vidyard webinar: Implementing video into your sales process. Mattias P2P-kudos for last week went to Frank and Henrik Stealhand.

What are you doing to drive peer-to-peer recognition at your company? 🙂

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