Looking back at 2020

In this second episode of "Mattias' Scaling Up Journey" he talks about how he experienced 2020 as an entrepreneur and in what ways the year affected his business. He shares his highlights and lowlights of the past year and talks about how he and his team adapted to Covid-19.

Besides managing to stay in business during the pandemic, Mattias's absolute highlight of 2020 was his company iGoMoon becoming an Advanced HubSpot CMS Partner.

Dealing with growth pain

One of the challenges that iGoMoon faced besides Covid was dealing with "growth pain", e.g. manifesting in the founders and leaders becoming the "bottleneck" of the organization.
Mattias talks about his personal journey of learning how to hand over responsibilities and understanding that things will get solved, even if not in the exact way he would have done it.
Additional symptoms of "growth pain" he encountered in 2020 were a reduced focus on customer context and customer value, responsibilities and rules becoming unclear and the competence of the management and the employees not growing in line with the company revenue.

Covid transistion

Since 25% of iGoMoon's revenue had been from outside of Sweden anyway, the transition they had to undergo when the Corona restrictions came was not that extensive. With a lot of clients they only had an online relationship anyways.

Working from home

Though the biggest shift that Mattias recognized internally, was keeping the company culture alive. Multiple colleagues have only been to the office a handful of times since starting to work remotely in March 2020. The challenge with working from home, according to Mattias, is to keep the "why context" that you usually have when interacting with a person face to face. One is not able to connect on the same level online, since one does not really see the body language of one's counterpart, which can cause misunderstandings. He also talks about the potential to isolate in one's own "bubble", losing the team spirit out of sight.

Keep the spirit alive

That is why it is so important for Mattias to show that he is there and that he has to find new ways to keep up the engagement between the whole team. One of Mattias approaches to keep the spirit of iGoMoon alive, was e.g. organizing "iGoMoon cribs" with all colleagues.

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