Making the sales process more tangible

After joking about the Swedish summer weather, Mattias talks about his reflections on this week. He starts off by sharing what he could have done better:
During this week's board meeting it became very obvious that iGoMoon doesn't have clear services to position their "grow stage". The "grow stage" is the highest service level iGoMoon offers to their clients and the peak of their "triangle of growth". Mattias explains further that they are missing clearly packed services which results in confusion on multiple ends. Some people who are affected by this are e.g. the salespeople and the strategists who are not entirely sure what to deliver here.

Communicating customer experience

Something Mattias has learned this week is implementing inspiring customer success stories into the sales process. These stories help to show a prospect how a previous customer benefited from the services iGoMoon offers. This storytelling approach can be really effective since the human memory absorbs stories a lot better than many other forms of presenting facts. As soon as you can use references or cases and tie those together with a story, it becomes a lot more tangible for the customer. Like this, you are able to convince them on an emotional level to pick your company as their preferred supplier.

Mattias further explains how they structure those customer success stories into four different parts:

1. The situation
You need to take the prospect's situation into consideration and find a previous customer who was at a similar point when they started working with you. Like this, the prospects can recognize themselves in that story.

2. The problem
Explain the problem that this customer had or the reason why they considered working with you.

3. The consequences
The third step is to talk about the consequences this problem caused.

4. The value
The last part would be to share the value that your company brought to that customer when they chose to work with you.

Mattias ends this week's wrap-up by sharing how fun the beer pong tournament was that was held in the office some days ago.

Make sure to use customer success stories to bond with your customers.

How do you create a tangible experience for your customers?

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