Are looks important in business?

In today's episode, Mattias and Svea discuss whether or not the way you look is important in the business world.

Expressing yourself

When Svea asks Mattias how important the way he looks is for him, he explains that he wouldn't say that it is important to him per se. For him, it's more about having fun expressing himself through fashion. Svea adds that she generally has the feeling that the people in Stockholm dress very nicely. Her opinion could be possibly influenced by the fact she lived in Berlin prior to moving to Stockholm. She goes on talking about the diversity in style you see in Berlin, including many people who genuinely don't seem to care about how they dress or look. That is definitely different in Sweden's capital and looks generally seem to be important to many people in Stockholm.

Good manners before looking good

Mattias surprisingly reveals that he very much sees himself as a "hoodie guy" though. He doesn't spend much time every morning thinking about the way he should dress for the day. He usually just grabs something from his wardrobe and is good to go.However, he definitely believes that people treat each other differently based on how they dress. Even though he usually doesn't like to "dress up" or wear something he is not comfortable in, he would probably still wear a suit and a tie if he had a meeting with a customer who may be more conservative. However, Mattias makes clear that dressing a certain way should never be more important than good attitudes and behaviors. This is also the reason why Mattias has never talked about a dress code or alike at iGoMoon. He wants everyone at his company to dress the way they feel best and have the freedom to express themselves in that way.

One fashion item he really enjoys are his rather extravagant Adidas sneakers in a velvety orange finish that he is showing off later in the episode. They are so delicate he usually only wears them indoors or on a dry summer day though.

Looks can make a change, however, they don't replace good attitude and behavior.

What is your opinion about looks in business?

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