Preparing the the first kickoff conference of 2022

In today's episode, Mattias talks about the plans for the upcoming kickoff conference. This time, some customers will join the kickoff as well, which makes it an excellent opportunity for the team to practice their discovery workshop on real-life customers.

Kicking off the new year

It's been six months since the last kickoff conference in August of 2021, which means it's time to start the new year with a brand new kickoff event at the iGoMoon office in Stockholm. The conference will be spread over 1,5 days, and there will be many exciting and fun surprises.

Thursday plan

The conference will start next Thursday with a speaking engagement of "Project Playground", the charity organization that iGoMoon has supported for quite a while now. They also introduced their work at the last kickoff; however, many new people have joined the team, and it will be an excellent reminder for the others might already know about them. After that, the team will head out for a surprise evening activity.

Friday plan

On Friday, two of iGoMoon's customers who have agreed to let the team practice their discovery workshop on them will join the conference as well. A discovery workshop is something that iGoMoon does with all of its customers to set the right goals and understand the resources and technologies needed to realize those. After six months, the team usually does a second discovery workshop to recalibrate the partnership.

During last fall, the workshop was optimized, and trying it out on real-life customers is a great opportunity for everyone to practice it and understand the purpose of that tool. In the case of the conference volunteers, the team will be split up into two groups who will take care of one of the customers each. After the workshop, there will be another fun nighttime activity that remained a secret until now.

Practicing tools on real-life customers is a great opportunity for the team to learn how to master it and really understand its purpose.

How do you plan conferences in your company?

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