Remote workshops and meetings with customers

In today's episode, Mattias talks about how iGoMoon manages to work with customers worldwide -without anyone having to travel. He shares how his company is successfully holding remote workshops and meetings and gives tips about what to keep in mind when doing so.

Shifting to remote workshops

100% of iGoMoon's discovery workshops are remote these days. This, of course, was also influenced by the worldwide pandemic we all had to face the last two years; however, iGoMoon was strong on the remote side years prior. Even in the very early days of Mattias' company, many sales meetings took place online. Later, when becoming a HubSpot partner and attracting customers all over the world, a remote meeting and workshop culture became the norm.

Remote also works with local customers

That's also why most customers never question the way of collaborating solely online. Many companies who want to work together with HubSpot certified partners like iGoMoon don't have someone to work with at their location. But not only customers who are far away are joining meetings and workshops remotely. These days, even the local customers in Stockholm join online instead of physically coming to the office.

Tools iGoMoon use

When starting with remote workshops, one thing to keep in mind is the technical side of things. It's crucial to be 100% confident in the tools you're using. If you're planning on sharing your screen - make sure you know exactly how to do that. In Mattias's case, operating on a Mac computer, he likes to work with the different desktop options. Like this, the process of sharing a specific desktop you can prepare beforehand will be a lot smoother.

Some software the team at iGoMoon is using is:

1. Google workspace:
The team uses the google framework for storing files, video calls, and screen sharing.

2. Miro boards (by Miro)
This online tool enables everyone to collaborate on a digital whiteboard easily.

Make sure you're confident in all the tools you're planning to use.

How do you conduct meetings with your customers?

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