Scaling a company is more like boxing than chess

In today's episode, Mattias shares the CEO report for September. He also talks about why growing a company is not at all like a strategic chess game but more like a round of boxing.

Good things in September

- The recruitment of new talents is going very well. In September two new HubSpot developers were signing a contract with iGoMoon.

- Mattias decided to look for a HR person who can help him around talent acquisition.

- The stand up meetings are starting at 9 am instead of 8 am again. This makes it much easier for people who want to take advantage of their flex hours which are between 7 am and 9 am.

Less good things in September

- The office is becoming too small for the pace iGoMoon is growing at right now. In Connection to that, Mattias explains how growing a company is more like a round of boxing and less a game of chess (what many people assume). When scaling up, you need to do so many things at the same time and react quickly. Working on a detailed plan where you plan all steps ahead of time simply doesn't work in this scenario. As an entrepreneur you need to take action and figure things out as they are happening. This means, even though first hiring people and then getting a bigger office afterwards might make sense but practically doesn't work. You need to get the bigger office in advance (but also not too early) so that the new people actually have a place to work from.

- Growing the company and getting new processes in place, also means learning and executing new things to grow even more in the future. That can be intimidating for some and Mattias is working on teaching all the other leaders to have the right mindset in order to face that resistance.

Things to improve over the next quarter

- The office situation (upgrading to a bigger one)

- Communication

- Leadership

- Recruiting five more people (a team leader, a strategist, two inbound marketing consultants and a HR person)

- Fun activities (after works, Christmas party etc.)

Opportunities for the future

- Developing services around Vidyard and helping customers taking advantage of the video tool


September turned out to be the second best month of 2021 revenue wise. Especially when keeping in mind the relatively small size of the team and the current sick leaves, the labor utilization rate is the highest since 2019.

As an entrepreneur you need to be prepared to act like a boxer, not a chess player.

Have you already implemented a CEO report process?

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