Self-leadership nurtures the work environment

Today Svea and Mattias talk about motivation, promoting people, supporting other leaders, and the work life balance.

1. How do you keep everyone motivated?

For Mattias it is really important to make sure that the vision and the general direction are always communicated clearly. He also shares that in the beginning, he thought that it was his obligation to keep everyone motivated and to make sure everything is always fun. Over the years he realized that this is not his role and that every person who is part of the team needs to contribute to the overall mood at work. He also mentions that it is important to have a team of people who are able to lead and motivate themselves.

2. When promoting someone, what are some things you consider before doing so?

The number one priority for Mattias is to make sure that the person he is going to promote is living the core values since it is really hard to actually teach them to someone.
Of course, it is also important to find out if the person really is the perfect fit for the role.
He shares that in the past he has been looking outside the organization to find people for certain roles instead of finding someone within the company. Mattias now believes that it is usually the best option to promote someone who has been with you for a while rather than looking for a completely new person. Especially for leadership roles, the already existing trust is really valuable.

3. How can leaders support other leaders?

Firstly, Mattias talks about the importance of having each other's back. He clarifies: in a room of leaders it is always okay to have different opinions and not align on everything. But when leaving that room and interacting with the remaining organization all of the leaders need to be united and communicate the same message. If you don't do that you are basically backstabbing the entire leadership.

4. What does work life balance mean to you?

Mattias explains that as an entrepreneur there are phases in which you simply cannot stop. It sometimes is a very conscious decision to overwork and do things even if you're tired because you know you need to push through in that moment. That approach is okay and necessary as long as you have the awareness that you are drained and running on low power. When you are conscious you are able to plan breaks in the near future where you can rest and recharge.
He also touches on the topic of the burnout syndrome which is something to take very seriously since some people never fully recover from it. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs suffer from burnout because in today's world it is often glorified to work as much as you can until you basically become sick. It is very important to listen to yourself since we all have different needs and tolerances to stress.

We are humans and we are all different. We all react differently to stress and we need to find out the best way for us to find a healthy balance between work and recharge.

What are the core values of your business?

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