Setting boundaries instead of walls

In today's episode, Mattis is talking about how your behavior and attitude affect everyone around you and what the differences are between walls and boundaries.

The impact of attitude

First things first, you don't only influence other people by active decisions such as how you talk to someone, but equally as much by your attitude and how you generally carry yourself.
Of course, it is not always easy being a leader and bootstrapping a company, and also Mattias found himself in situations when he acted in ways he isn't particularly proud of. That's why it is so important to have good self-awareness and "check yourself before you wreck yourself (and the team)", as Mattias likes to say.

Boundaries vs. walls

He just recently shared in his self-inventory that he had been in a situation like this just last week. Something he wants to talk about more in that context is the difference between walls and boundaries. Walls on the one hand are solid and rigid - in a way like hardware. Boundaries on the other side are more like software - they are flexible and you can constantly update them. Boundaries help you determine what behavior is acceptable around you, in your relationships but also from yourself. It is important to remember that boundaries work in two directions. He adds that in the end it is always up to him how closed- or open-hearted he is at any given time. He can either communicate with love or hostility and that eventually affects his relationships with the people around him.

Be careful not to build up stress walls and always keep an open heart.

Do you set boundaries or walls as a leader?

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