Strengthening relationships and improving communication

In this episode, Mattias talks about the leadership course he's attending, how to improve communication in a team, and he reveals a new talent joining iGoMoon.


This week was a bit different than Mattias' usual week at the office. As part of the coaching program he's attending, he visited a three-day module in Stockholm. The program consists of multiple modules that will take place regularly until the fall of this year. After returning to the office after those three days, he had some meetings to catch up.


'What could I've done differently?"

Mattias picks up a topic from one of last week's episodes and elaborates on the differences between a boss and a leader. When he is talking about being a leader, he refers to the behavior and attitudes someone has. Also, a leader can have "boss conversations", e.g. when it comes to salary discussions.

'What did I learn?"

Mattias got a lot of input during the module of the coaching training he attended this week.
A part of the training is learning about "NLP" (=Neuro-linguistic programming). He is excited to continue learning more about it and use it to become a better leader. Something else Mattias thought about this week is the importance of strengthening relationships to improve communication.

Especially now, when many new people are joining iGoMoon it is crucial to create situations where everyone can get to know each other better. Some weeks ago, the team went to a VR gaming place, and Mattias plans to organize more of those team-building activities soon.

'The victories"

This week, something that definitely needs to be celebrated is signing off new account manager Johan.

Kudos go to HR person Mathilda, who continues to do a tremendous job in her role.

If you want to improve the communication within your team, start working on their relationships.

Which actions do you take to strengthen relationships and improve communication?

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