Summarizing the kickoff conference and approaching self-reflection

In today's episode, Mattias talks about how last week's kickoff conference turned out and explains why your self-reflection should never turn into self-blaming.


Firstly, Mattias sums up the week by talking about the kickoff conference that happened Thursday and Friday. The first item on the agenda was "Project Playground" talking about their vision and their work with underprivileged kids in Sweden and South Africa. Even though everyone working at iGoMoon learns about the organization that iGoMoon has been supporting for multiple years quite early, it's always a good reminder for the team.

After Project Playground's presentation, Anton (iGoMoon's CFO) took over and presented the numbers for the second half of 2021. iGoMoon had reason to celebrate since they managed to finish the year writing black numbers. This is especially impressive since they had a rough start to 2021 and also invested a lot of money into growing the team.

Right after the good news from Anton, Mattias presented the goals for 2022 and shared the game plan to reach those with the whole team. He also made sure to answer any questions regarding this. At the end of the first kickoff day, the team went to a VR place in Stockholm where everyone could try out virtual reality games.

The second day of the conference started with welcoming two of iGoMoon's customers who volunteered to join the improved discovery workshop together with the team. A discovery workshop is something that iGoMoon does with all of its customers to set the right goals and understand the resources and technologies needed to realize those. After six months, the team usually does a second discovery workshop to recalibrate the partnership.

Since so many new people have joined the company lately, this was an excellent opportunity for everyone to become confident with this kind of service. Another aspect that Mattias enjoyed very much was seeing his team in action. It's one thing to go through the process theoretically, but understanding how everyone approaches things in reality was very insightful for him.

The end of the second successful kickoff day was celebrated at an ice rink close to Djurgården in Stockholm. While some people played "Pond Hockey" others got comfortable inside or skated at one of the other rinks.


"What could I have done differently?"

Mattias realized that the weekly self-inventory he and his team are practicing every Friday, could lead to some people blaming themselves, instead of focusing on the positive aspects of self-reflection. That's something he wants to talk about with his team.

"What did I learn?"

Being an entrepreneur and looking at his experiences over time, he can see how much weight he has put on himself, especially in the beginning. Even though that's how it should be and quite typical for an entrepreneur, he now sees that he tended to constantly ask others if they were okay with the things he asked them to do. However, he never asked himself that question. He wants to make sure to check in with himself and answer this question from now on.


This week's kudos go to Dennis. He has really been growing in his role as an account manager but also took a lot of lead during the conference. In addition he closed some really good deals the past week.

Self-reflection should never feel like blaming yourself. Always make sure to approach it with a positive mindset.

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