The goals & plans for iGoMoon in 2022

In today's episode, Mattias shares iGoMoon's plans and goals for the upcoming year. The goal for this year is to grow the team by 15 people and double the revenue to 24 million SEK.
To turn these plans into reality, some hard work needs to be done.

Mattias assembled a list of six main focuses for this year:

1. Leadership

As Svea and Mattias discussed in a previous episode, several things need to improve on a leadership level. Some of the challenges that iGoMoon is currently facing on the leadership board ("kommandobryggan") are setting goals and understanding the mission. Additionally, the communication between the leaders is not always perfect. Everyone at iGoMoon must be on the same page, equally from an individual and a group standpoint. For Mattias, it is crucial to set the proper framework for leadership, including self-leadership.

2. HR work

For the first time ever, Mattias invested in a dedicated HR person who will help iGoMoon recruit the additional 15 talents this year. Matilda just started this week and is going through a digital onboarding since Mattias is quarantining at home at the moment.

3. The go-to-market process

The work around the go-to-market process will continue this year as well. It is essential to define and create the service packages iGoMoon is offering to their customers. Like this, it will become more clear what kind of services they provide and what they actually deliver in the end.

4. Sales team

Once they have packaged all the services, Mattias needs to work together with the sales team and improve the sales process accordingly.

5. Marketing

The team just worked together on the marketing plan for 2022 in one of their discovery workshops.
There will also be some changes in the internal marketing responsibilities with an inbound marketing talent joining from South Africa next month. She will take over some of iGoMoon's marketing while Tayla, who did precisely this for the past year, will take on more marketing projects together with iGoMoon's customers.

6. Goal-driven approach with customers

As Mattias often emphasized: it is essential to challenge your customers. Most people are caught up in being the problem-solver rather than focusing on setting up goals and talking about how the customer is defining value. Once you do this, you will enable way better teamwork and a good partnership with your customers. Mattias can really see how the average lifetime value of the customers they have on their subscription model is about 20-24 months long. While this is going in the right direction, he wants to improve and extend that even more.

When Svea wants to know which of those six projects is his highest priority right now, he explains that none of them are things you could just check off and be done with. However, the aspect he will be most involved in will definitely be the HR work together with Matilda.

One thing Mattias is looking forward to the most this year is iGoMoon's 10th anniversary. In a perfect world (without Covid-19) he would plan a big summer party with everyone, including flying in the team from South Africa. Since no one knows what the future holds these days, it's unfortunately uncertain at this point how iGoMoon's birthday will look like.

In order to achieve goals, you need to be prepared to work hard.

Which goals & plans does your company have for 2022?

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