The 2021 inbound event by HubSpot

In today's episode, Mattias is talking about the annual HubSpot Inbound event and shares his thoughts about the remote version of the event and why he personally thinks it's a good idea for everyone to attend.

What is the focus of the event?

The HubSpot Inbound event is an annual event that brings together 50.000 - 60.000 passionate marketing and salespeople from around the globe. Usually, the Inbound is held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, one of the largest exhibition centers in the Northeastern United States. Due to the pandemic, the Inbound 2020 and 2021 were transformed into an online experience. Regardless of the remote nature of the event, there are many interesting items on the agenda - for example a presentation by no other than Oprah Winfrey. The list of high-profile speakers is long, and likewise diverse are the industries they are from.

Networking at the event

Other than listening to inspiring personalities and interesting topics, the Inbound event is also a great opportunity to connect with other industry leaders and the HubSpot team.
This is made very convenient by HubSpot offering a separate event within the program that is exclusively made for HubSpot partners like iGoMoon. However, the entire Inbound event is definitely not only interesting for HubSpot partners, but for every curious business person who is eager to learn how to transform their business, get inspired, and wants to connect with others.

Advantages of an online event

When comparing the physical event in Boston with the online experience, Mattias shares he really likes the online format because of several reasons. First of all, now you are able to rewatch a session when you didn't have the time to attend or simply want to listen to it one more time. In addition, the remote version of the event also opened up a more convenient way of inviting iGoMoon's clients to the event without them having to travel all the way from Sweden to the US. This year Mattias has not only purchased tickets for the event for his team but also for some iGoMoon's customers. He believes that this is a nice gesture to help them grow better and learn something new.

Challenges with an online event

On the downside of the remote event is definitely the part of connecting with others. Even though you can still interact with other people during the event, the spontaneous and personal aspect when meeting new people in real life is simply missing.

For Mattias, the most important thing about the Inbound events is to meet like-minded people and network within several areas. From the "iGoMoon-perspective" the Inbound event is so important because it strengthens the goal of becoming HubSpot's #1 partner in the EMEA market and it is a great opportunity to learn something new.

Connections are everything.

How do you prefer attending big events?

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