The iGoMoon awards

The main topic of today's episode is the annual iGoMoon summer party including the iGoMoon awards. After watching Sweden winning the soccer match that Friday afternoon, the winners of the three iGoMoon awards were announced, which are given out every 6 months:

🏆 Culture Heart Award

The culture heart award goes to the employee who cares for others and acknowledges brave and crisp strengths in their colleagues and takes positive actions to live iGoMoon's values and culture. The winner of the culture heart was supposed to get a trip to Boston to attend HubSpot inbound event. Unfortunately, due to Covid, the event has been canceled and Åsa has not been able to take this trip yet.

➡️ For the third time in a row, Åsa has earned herself the award of the culture heart.

🏆Marble Maker Award

The "Marble Maker" is awarded to an employee who has built the most hours to achieve their own and the company's goals.

➡️ Frank did not only receive the marble maker award, but he also broke the record of the amount of money that one person has built over 6 months ever!

🏆 Marble Closer Award

This award goes to an employee who has bravely challenged customers and done their best to achieve their own and the company's goals.

➡️ This time Henrik was taking it home, after making huge progress since he first started in the sales team about one year ago.

After the award session, the whole team left the office and gathered again at a popular park in Stockholm, where a private chef was awaiting them. In the afternoon they had a delicious barbeque and drinks and played some games together.

As in every Friday episode, Mattias shares his other highlights and his self-inventory as well:

Something else that was exciting for Mattias this week was looking through some of the assignments of potential candidates for multiple job openings at iGoMoon. He explains that when examining those assignments, you can really see four different categories:

1. The will
2. The skill
3. Results
4. Values

On the "what I could have done better"-side, Mattias talks about how he was signing a new contract with one of his existing service providers and did not read it carefully enough. The result was that many things they agreed on were not part of the contract. Luckily the issue could be resolved, but for Mattias this was a good reminder to always read contracts carefully, even if you trust the other party.

Hard work pays off.

How do you reward your employees?

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