The impact of asking a question

In today's episode, Mattias talks about something he's learned in his leadership training and the power of asking a question.


This week was the second one in a row that Mattias spent the majority of in his leadership training. During three days, he met with his "classmates" and learned a lot of new things. He appreciates how practical the course is and enjoys the discussions and group activities with the others.

One of the topics this week was the power a question can have. You can ask a question in many different ways, and like this causes people to think in different ways.

Asking the question

Mattias has a good example from a recent discussion within the sales team:

Earlier this week, the team discussed some misunderstandings regarding a customer project they recently started. Mattias formulated a question for the group: what could we do to prevent that situation from happening again?

He also could have asked: what did we do to end up in this situation?

Even though both questions are somewhat similar, they are very different. The first question is more positive and solution-oriented, while the other one is rather negative, and might blame someone for a mistake.

Realizing the right questions' impact was completely changing the game in Mattias' leadership journey. Instead of giving people the solutions, he can ask the right questions and get people to think.


The karma points for this week go to the sales team. They managed to book 30 meetings this week, which is a great pace. This news are especially welcome since the sales have been going too slowly lately.

Improve your leadership by asking the right questions.

Do you ask the right questions?

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