Letting people fail helps them develop

In today's episode, Mattias talks about why he lets people fail and how that is an important factor to actually succeed.

Helping vs. giving feedback

In the last Friday episode, Mattias talked about the three roles of a leader. He usually finds himself being a coach, instructor, or mentor. He also shared that he sometimes struggles with being a mentor rather than wanting to help everyone.

Going more into depth, he explains that it's essential to understand the difference between helping and giving someone feedback. Once you help someone, it's easy that you end up doing their job for them, which usually doesn't help anyone involved.

Staying on the sideline as a leader

It's the same thing if you're the coach of a soccer team; you need to be on the sideline and let your players play the game. Once you're in the locker room or have training sessions, you can instruct, give them helpful feedback and share your knowledge.

When Svea asks if there are more or fewer people coming to him while the company is growing, Mattias talks about how it, of course, still happens, but usually, people go to their team leaders nowadays. It's a great example of successful delegation.

Helping people or letting them fail

However, whenever someone comes to him and asks for help, he needs to decide whether to help them or let them fail. In this context, Mattias shares some interesting insights on his thoughts on failing.

He asks:

- why should you fail more?
- why should we as a team fail more?
- why is failure a part of the learning process?
- what would happen if you woke up and realized that failing is the same as success?
- what would happen to your skillset if you failed more?
- how would that impact iGoMoon's bottom line?
- how would that impact your happiness in life?
- how would failure make you feel even stronger?
- what if failure is helping you achieve your next big thing?
- what if failure is the gateway to a breakthrough in life?
- and what if the only way to success is to fail?

If you want people to become independent and let them master their skills, you need to let them fail and give them a chance to develop.

Sometimes you need to let people fail in order to give them a chance to grow even better.

Do you let people fail to help them grow?

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