The impact of taking initiative

As every Friday, Mattias shares his summary of the week, including his self-inventory, with us. He also talks about the magical things that happen once you start taking initiative.


One of the things Mattias was most excited about this week was when he listened to his intuition and reached out to a handful of people he hadn't talked to in about a decade. These people were the kind of people he might have worked with at some point and popped up on LinkedIn from time to time.

He decided to pick up the phone and see how they were doing, which resulted in many rewarding conversations with former companions who were excited to hear from Mattias. One of them even explained how he couldn't believe that Mattias was calling him. Just a couple of minutes prior, he saw the iGoMoon hoodie Mattias gave him many years ago and thought to himself: "I should reach out to Mattias". This incident is a good reminder that remarkable things will happen once you take the initiative. Mattias is meeting all of the people he reached out to for lunch.

Another project of the week was thinking about the issue with the self-inventory he addressed last week. Mattias is worried that the weekly self-inventory he and his team are practicing every Friday, could lead to some people blaming themselves, instead of focusing on the positive aspects of self-reflection.

For him, it is really important to clarify that making mistakes is okay and a great opportunity to learn. Instead of going home after a Friday afternoon and feeling bad about not billing enough hours or doing something wrong, he wants his team to focus on the part where they could improve. Mattias also worked with some of the newcomers and went through the culture onboarding with them.


Mattias discovered many things he could improve in the growth calls with the team leaders.


Mattias realized how important it is for him to ask himself if he is okay with certain things. He usually asks others that exact question but often neglects himself. He wants to improve by making clear what he expects of other people and address the things he is not okay with.


Major kudos of the week go out to Henrik, who managed to close a new record deal at iGoMoon that even exceeded Mattias' historical deal.

Call your old friends/colleagues - it might lead to something great.

Are there any old colleagues/friends you should call?

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