The importance of hiring for culture fit

This episode of "MattGron's Scaling Up Journey" starts with Mattias' weekly "self-inventory", where he answers the three following questions in the context of the past week.

  1. Be brave - what am I not proud of what could I have done better?
  2. Stay crisp - what did I learn this week?
  3. Have fun - what have I been celebrating/ how many kudos do I give out?

Be brave

A fail of the past week was that Mattias accidentally put a wrong starting date in the contract of new colleague Annie. The contract states that she started in 2020 (and not 2021), which would mean Mattias had to pay a lot of salaries retrospectively.

Stay crisp

Last week Mattias finished the first onboarding with the new framework the team at iGoMoon has been working on for the last couple of months. He realized that there is still room for improvement, as always, but all in all, he was really happy with the way it went. He learned that it might be a good idea to break down future onboardings into smaller units instead of pushing through everything within the first week. Like this, the new employee has some time between to reflect and really deepen the new input.

Have fun

One member of the team Mattias particularly acknowledged was UX/Ui designer Fanny, who has been doing a great job with coming up with creative ideas for iGoMoon's customers. She is currently working part-time for Mattias while she is finishing her studies and he can't wait to have her on board full-time once she is done with her thesis this summer.

Hire for culture fit

Mattias later on also talks about the importance to hire for culture fit. For him, one of the most important things when choosing a new team member is, that they share the same values as the companies culture code and have an open heart. This will ensure that they are coachable and able to survive the client-work arena iGoMoon is specialized in.

Hire for culture fit!


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