The importance of knowing yourself

In this Monday episode, Mattias and Svea are talking about how Mattias came up with the name iGoMoon, what their most useful personality traits are, what they choose to do with 30 minutes of free time, and what they miss most about being a child.

1. How did you come up with the name "iGoMoon"?

Mattias explains that he was playing around with Swedish and English when coming up with ideas to name his business. There is a Swedish saying that goes something like this: "Aim for the stars and you will end up somewhere in the treetops". It's a very Swedish mindset to not believe that you're better than anyone else and that you should stay grounded. However, Mattias decided to not only reach for the stars but take everyone involved in the business (customers as well as the team) to the moon. Also, the fact that Mattias is a big Starwars and Startrek fan might have played a role in choosing the moon/space theme for his company.

2. What do you miss most about being a child?

Mattias grew up on a farm outside of Stockholm and remembers how easy it was to just open the door, run out and play. Also, the lack of an understanding of time and just living the moment is something he misses being a grown-up. Svea adds that she misses the carefreeness and getting lost in the small things, that you easily oversee being an adult.

3. Which of your personality traits have been the most useful?

Having a lot of patience is a quality of Mattias that turned out to be very useful while building a business. He adds that building a business takes time - a lot more than he ever thought it would.
Other characteristics that come in handy very often are Mattias' empathy and his self-awareness. He explains that understanding himself better is mandatory to understand everyone around him better as well. For Svea predominantly working as a people photographer, empathy, and the ability to have people trusting her very quickly have been the most important personality traits of her.

4. If you have 30 minutes of free time, what do you choose to do with it?

Firstly Mattias stresses how important it is to actually create free time and breaks.
He likes to spend his small breaks here and there reading. The things he is reading don't necessarily need to be books. He likes staying on top of things and keeping himself up to date by reading articles, news, and alike. Svea agrees with Mattias and contributes that she especially enjoys being able to get some fresh air as often as possible.

Make sure to create some free time.

How do you spend 30 minutes of free time?

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