The weekly recap

It's Friday, which means it is time for the weekly recap! In today's episode, Mattias shares his experiences of last week and introduces a very important topic for all entrepreneurs who are trying to craft a "self-awareness-compass" for their company's core values.

Leadership vs. management

The past week offered some insights on leadership vs. management for Mattias. He is continually adapting to the remote working situation, especially in regards to managing remote teams. Before Corona, he would regularly approach colleagues at the office, have a chat with them, and maybe say something inspiring that would take off some stress of his colleagues. During the pandemic, these chats were not possible anymore, which left Mattias seeking new ways of still being able to continue with these personal conversations. Now he implements Vidyard videos and (video) calls as mediums to inspire and also coach the team members on iGoMoon's values, purpose statement, and brand promise.

Company core values

Mattias compares companies with living organisms with distinct personalities that are expressed through their values. Values need to be formulated early on to naturally evolve and strengthen over time. They help everyone involved at a company to make the right choices when facing a difficult decision and they assure that everyone has the right behavior and attitude when working towards the company purpose. The core values at iGoMoon's are: be brave, stay crisp, have fun.

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