Value based thinking with customer centric teams

Today’s episode is focused on teams and how Mattias has changed the structure of the teams at iGoMoon.

Changing the team structure

At the moment there is just one big team at iGoMoon since one of the former team leaders decided to step down which is really messy according to Mattias. Mattias has changed the structure of his teams from the areas of expertise teams to more customer centric teams meaning that there is an inbound marketing consultant, strategist, developer and a designer in the same team to establish a better knowledge sharing culture. This helps achieve value based thinking and creating value for the customers better.

Finding team leaders

When having customer centric teams instead of area focused it is easier for the company to live up to the brand promise which is “We believe in happy customers above all else”. Svea also asks what Mattias he looks for when hiring a team leader. He explains that there are several characteristics he is looking for and that the ideal option would be to have someone internally taking over the position but at this time there is no one so he is searching externally. This is more difficult compared to hiring e.g. a developer where you can give tasks to understand the competences. Hiring externally is also difficult considering the mission, vision and culture part.

Customer centric teams help create more value for the customers.

How do you structure your teams?

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