Weekly recap & writing my first CEO report

In today's Friday episode Mattias is sharing his weekly recap of the past 7 days. Alongside other topics, he talks about how he navigates on his personal map to reach his vision, writing his first CEO report - and why this is important to him - and setting up a career portal for iGoMoon.

Internal concerns came up

The past Monday started with a quite long M3-meeting (Monday Mo0rning Meeting) at iGoMoon, discussing some internal concerns. A priority for Mattias is to always have an open heart and to listen, whenever he gets feedback. One has to understand the different perspectives of different people and where those come from.

Wrote my first CEO report

Tuesday was very exciting for Mattias because he wrote his first CEO report for the board. A while ago Mattias decided to bring in an external chairman for the first time and this person started in January. A big next step as a founder, Mattias hopes this will enable iGoMoon to work more professionally on the board level with the bigger-picture-questions (a.k.a. strategy).

Staff changes

On Wednesday two people, unfortunately, left iGoMoon and Mattias started replacement recruitment for those. He is currently working on setting up a brand-new career portal with an external consultant to create his own recruitment database. This process also includes defining the role descriptions for the different roles at iGoMoon. At the end of the past week, two new people signed at iGoMoon, starting their journey in the next few weeks.

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