Welcoming and saying goodbye to employees

After Mattias clarifies why he's wearing a tie and talks about the office trend "tie Friday", he shares the news of the week and his self-inventory.

The summary of the week

This week was the first full week at the brand new office, which the iGoMoon crew celebrated appropriately by getting together with some good cake this Friday. For Mattias, this was a great feeling since he has worked towards this for the last three weeks, 16 hours a day. Some small things are still missing but overall he is very happy with the outcome.He also talks about how three new people have joined iGoMoon during the moving chaos and reveals that he just signed off a new inbound marketing consultant. One of Mattias' other highlights was of course also the award and the connected scholarship that he received at the beginning of the week.

The self-inventory

In regards to the question "What could I have done better?", he reports that unfortunately one of iGoMoon's crew members decided to leave the company. He explains that it always makes him sad when someone decides to leave, who is such a great culture fit. Saskia has a big heart and cares so much for others and has grown impressively over the last 2.5 years. In those situations, he always thinks about if there is anything he could have done better or differently, or if there maybe was something he didn't do. Concerning this matter, he explains that no matter how big your company might become, you should never get used to people leaving and be at service for your people. If you serve your people well, they will do the same for your customers. That's why he is going to give Saskia a call and ask her about the things he could possibly improve.

On the learning side of things, Mattias talks about the challenges of scaling up a company and building processes around it. He shares an example of something that happened within the sales team: Mattias' approach when quoting in the sales process, is to always include an agreement (if it's a new customer) together with the quote. Like this, the customer has everything they need and get a clear understanding of all the legal aspects in the very beginning. However, sometimes "on the fly", and especially when it is a rather small deal, it can happen that Mattias skips including the agreement with the quote. Unfortunately, Dennis and Henrik from the sales team have picked up on Mattias' practice and also missed including agreements in their quotes. This behavior creates unnecessary friction in the sales process and could have easily been avoided by a clear process and communication.

The victories & kudos

The victories of the week were welcoming a new crew member to iGoMoon, winning the entrepreneurial award, and celebrating the first week at the office. The kudos of this week go out to Erik, for doing a great job working on the go-to-market process. Also, Åsa has earned her kudos by working super hard in her team lead role during the entire fall. Since there was another team leader missing, she took over the entire production team as well.

If you serve your people well, they will do the same for your customers.

How do you deal with people leaving your team?

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