What goes around comes around

Your job as an entrepreneur is to always work on the vision. In this episode Mattias explains what he means with this sentence, talks about his personal connection to South Africa and why he decided to support the charity project Project Playground.

Project playground

In the early stage of Mattias’ entrepreneurial journey, he received very valuable support from a friend whose dad originated from South Africa. Mattias became very close with that friend and his family and followed them to South Africa. After every time visiting, he really became more and more connected with SA and intuitively felt a need for action. He believes in the principle of "what goes around comes around" and planned a giving back movement to open an office in South Africa to help young people pursue their dream of starting a career in digital marketing.

He soon realized that it would require some more time to actually be able to open the office he was thinking about. Mattias then decided to support the work of the people behind
Project Playground, who were already on-site doing good things and helping young people. Project Playground does exactly what the name sounds like: they are creating safe environments in the form of playgrounds for kids to play, grow, learn and discover their creativity.

iGoMoon visited Cape Town

About 1,5 years ago Mattias brought the whole iGoMoon team to Cape Town to show them how the reality looked like down there and how much of a privileged life we live in Sweden. They visited the site of the organization and learned what they create with the help of their supporters. You can watch an episode of that trip to in Mattias other vlog Månresan (in Swedish). Read more about the iGoMoon giving back movement here.

The story fuels the vision

Mattias, later on, talks about what it means to always work on the vision. He makes clear how important it is to understand that you don’t start off having the perfect vision or the perfect business idea. It is something you improve over time and constantly work on. When he looks back on the last nine years of his journey and connects the dots, he sees how he has gathered very valuable experiences he can learn and grow from. He adds, that he of course had a vision and a direction when he started his company, however, it way clearer now and so is the storytelling around it and that helps to fuel the vision (learn more about iGoMoons purpose) all the way to the moon 🚀🧡

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