Why business acumen is important

In today's episode, Mattias explains why business acumen is so important and what you can learn from selling your things at a flea market.

Creating value for the customer

For Mattias, business acumen means combining goals, strategy, and resources to create value for the customer and the supplier. It's an essential trait because it enables you to lead something inside a business to create results.

Learning business acumen

Like many other traits, business acumen is luckily something you can improve and learn over time.
Whenever Mattias realizes someone lacks that skill, he thinks it would be good for them to sell some things at a garage sale or a flea market.

A day of being in that seller's role will teach you many practical things about business and business sense.

To educate his team about business acumen, Mattias invited a coach who will do a training over several days with them. He hopes this will also help his team understand what effect "being kind" to the customer (in the sense of not charging for something) actually has on the organization.

Spend a day selling some things at a flea market. This will teach you a lot of practical things about business and will strengthen your business acumen.

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