Why your feelings are not the truth

This week Mattias has been busy preparing for a new colleague Dennis, who will join iGoMoon's sales team next week. He took care of assembling a top-notch onboarding, organizing some welcome flowers (the first test for Dennis is to keep those alive), and preparing a new computer and phone for him.

Salary reviews going on

Mattias also had two interviews for the open position as UI/UX designer and started with this year's salary reviews that will be going on for a couple of weeks. Prior to having help from Åsa and Göran handling the salary discussions, Mattias took care of them all by himself and spread them out over the course of a year. Now it is easier to set a clear budget, by handling all salary reviews at once.

The importance of self-care

After the weekly summary, Mattias and Svea are discussing the Friday question which is: "When you're having a tough day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?". Mattias explains that he usually has a tough day when he did not take proper care of himself before. By that, he means that possible causes for him could be that he didn't sleep enough, didn't eat well, and isn't in the best place mentally in general. When this happens it is very important for him to take a step back and take some actions to get in a better mood.

Some of his tips include:

  • Thinking of things you are grateful for and writing those down
  • Breathing exercises
  • Looking at your personal vision board (slogans, headlines, images of things you want to create in your life)

Mattias elaborates more on the topic of micro perspective vs. macro perspective. It's easy to focus on the issues that are in front of you right now. Therefore it is really important to step a step back and look at the macro perspective of things and center yourself. When you are centered, you are less likely to end up in the drama loop, obsessing about problems, and getting sidetracked.

Svea adds that the world usually already looks better after a good night of sleep. Mattias then explains that the only things that change overnight are your thoughts and your feelings and not the world in general.

Your feelings are not the truth and can highly influence the way you perceive reality.


All the thoughts and feelings you have are not the truth.

What is your tips regarding self-care?

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