Working from the other side of the world

Why does someone from South Africa start working for a company that is located more than 10.000 km away and literally on the other side of the world? In this episode, Mattias is talking about iGoMoon's inbound marketer Tayla, who joined the crew about a year ago and has been working 100% remotely from Cape Town ever since.

How does it work?

Mattias shares the story of how he came in contact with Tayla and how they connected when he and the team visited Cape Town, which led to her starting to work for iGoMoon. He also explains how it looks like with the daily interactions and internal communication, saying that Tayla has the spirit, attitude and behavior to really survive this environment of working remotely from the other side of the earth. Because of having the tremendous example of Tayla, Mattias would be open to having a similar kind of setup with a potential employee.

Challenges with remote setup

Even though everything has worked great with having Tayla on the other side and being open to a similar setup there are some challenges. Onboarding is still a lot easier to do physically, where it is easier to connect and to get to know each other etc. However, you can't have a perfect process, it’s something you build along the way. Svea asks if there is something negative with this setup and Mattias doesn’t see anything negative with it, just a few challenges like potential cultural challenges and differences and the onboarding.

The plan for Mattias is to open a full office in Cape Town and he is learning about how things work there from people managing and leading businesses there.

To make a process like this work is a two-way street.

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