Adapting as a leader throughout the journey

In today's episode, Mattias talks about the differences between leading a bigger and a smaller team and explains why the "what if"-perspective is better than the "what"-perspective.

Challenges with growing a team

Growing a team is not easy. Some of the biggest struggles for Mattias are getting everyone in the same direction, aligning with the vision, and, of course, making money.

Something important for Mattias is being on the frontline to communicate the vision in a scalable way.

Connecting personal stories to the business

When the company was still a lot smaller, he could do all the work around the vision and inspire people himself, but as the team grew, he could no longer do this by himself. This is why it is so essential for him that everyone has their own story connected to iGoMoon.

Constant adaptation

When Svea wants to know whether it's easier to lead a small or a big team, Mattias explains that it's a part of the journey. You're constantly doing things you haven't done before, and you continuously need to adapt. "I am growing into the leader I need to be, currently to lead 25 people".

"How" and "why" are more important than "what".

What challenges have you faced when growing your team?

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