Visualizing and communicating the vision

In today's episode, Mattias remembers why he started his company 10 years ago and talks about why the vision is so important - especially now.

Visualizing goals

He learned about the "well-formed outcome process" technique through the leadership training he is currently doing. This technique is all about setting goals and visualizing what you want to reach and how that should look like.

The framework is made up of a handful of questions you need to answer:

1. What do I really want?
It is important to answer the question from a third-person perspective and formulate it as if it was already a reality.

2. Why did I not already reach this goal?

3. Who has the key to initiating and reaching the desired result?

Communicating vision

He realized working with this technique that he should have focused more on communicating his company's vision. The last couple of weeks have been incredibly stressful for Mattias, and he sees that he has to double down on something and start working on the vision on a much bigger scale than before. He's hoping that this will help people at iGoMoon sell more.

As Mattias has mentioned before, his company is struggling on the sales side right now. iGoMoon has been growing faster than it can generate more capital. In that transformation of growing the company, he can tell that they have become much more focused on the features than the vision when selling their products and services.

Focusing on the story

Mattias uses his iPhone as an example and explains that people don't buy them because of their features. People buy iPhones because of the story and the prestige behind 'Apple'.

He adds that the story behind iGoMoon is to take its customers to the moon and build a legacy. "When we leave earth, we leave it in a better shape than we found it - that's the message of iGoMoon," Mattias illustrates. That's why they need to stop focusing so much on prices and features and prioritize the company's vision again.

One idea Mattias will start implementing next week is to ask the sales team to do special homework. They are supposed to work on their personal story involving iGoMoon, and this should help them find out what to tell the customers when talking about iGoMoon's vision.

Wrapping up the episode, Mattias wants to dedicate this one to all entrepreneurs out there.

Don't underestimate the power of a clear vision.

Do you have a clear vision which you can communicate easily?

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