Approaching and structuring the processes for a new role

It has only been a bit more than a week since the brand-new (and first-ever!) HR position has been filled at iGoMoon. Today, Mattias talks about how he onboards someone for a role that has not existed before.

Structuring a new role

His approach in a scenario where a position needs to be filled that hasn't existed before is to:

a) visualize the goals for the role
b) be eager to do a lot of reverse engineering

In the case of the new HR person Mathilda, Mattias visualized the goals with an organization chart. Like this, she got an overview of the positions that need to be recruited in 2022. This is especially important since 80% of her job will be recruiting new talents, and the remaining 20% will be connected to general HR work.

Sharing the responsibility

In addition to Mattias onboarding Mathilda regarding the goals and more practical things (like the usage of different platforms that are important for the HR work or working through employment contracts), he started pouring out everything that had been in his head. Before Mathilda, he was the only person taking care of all HR work which led to many experiences and processes that haven't been documented or written down properly yet.

Staying open for improvements

He also emphasizes that everything he has done so far is open for improvements, and that's also something he expects of Mathilda now. She has a lot of responsibility for creating the role for herself and working on new processes with the help of her experience. On the other hand, Mattias' responsibility is to make sure that she's confident owning the process.

Be brave to trust another person to help you improve.

What is your approach on structuring a new role? Let us know if you want to hear more about how Mattias' structures new roles.

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