CEO report 04/22 and putting the focus on sales

In today's episode, Mattias talks about the CEO report for April 2022 and how important sales are for the upcoming months.

Closing the books for 2021

The first positive thing Mattias shares is that they now officially closed the books for the fiscal year of 2021. The result was like he expected: the revenue was about the same as the year prior (1,4 Million euros). There was a setback on the profit side in 2021, which wasn't a surprise since it's a natural outcome when investing in a new office and almost doubling the size of the team.

However, all the investing needs to pay off. This is why Mattias' primary focus will be on increasing sales for the upcoming months. His sales team recently grew to three people, and they are improving the connect calls and first sales meetings together.

Developing leadership

Another positive thing in April was definitely all the improvements regarding the leadership within the management team. Mattias can see the personal developments everyone has gone through and especially felt during the last quarterly meeting that everyone was as engaged as never before. His investment in various leadership training for his team certainly paid off. Mattias can see a lot of progress on his leadership journey as well.

Mentoring vs. helping people

He slowly manages to get away from his initial urge to help everyone and starts to mentor people instead of doing their work for them. With his new, clearer leadership style evolving, he helps his people to start believing in themselves and grow even better. He loves to see the resulting transformation and how everyone within the team cheers for one another.

With a clear leadership style, it is easier to help people grow and believe in this themselves.

Do you have a clear leadership style? Let us know if you want to hear more about how Mattias helps his employees grow.

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