Challenges in an overheated job market

In today's episode, Mattias talks about iGoMoon's new sales presentation, challenging discussions around salaries, and an overheated job market.


As always, Mattias had a fully-packed week. Amongst other things, he worked a lot on fine-tuning the sales presentation for iGoMoon's new service packages. He actually got a chance to practice this new talk track when onboarding some new talents about the services this week.

While his main focus is on perfecting the presentation, he is also planning on being creative himself when it comes to the design. He wants to do the basic design (with the help of some templates) before handing it over to one of iGoMoon's designers.

This week has also been full of growth calls and salary discussions. Mattias points out that these conversations are always challenging, but even more so recently. That's because the job market in the tech/IT and design area is completely overheated, and Stockholm is not an exception. It's harder than ever to find new talents in these niches, and so is keeping the people who already work for iGoMoon.

Because of that, Mattias tries to make sure everyone understands where iGoMoon is right now. There will always be bigger companies who can offer more money and of course iGoMoon will be able to increase salaries in the future once it has grown more. Until then, Mattias focuses on working on his company's great culture, which enables everyone who wants to be part of the journey to understand what is in it for them.

Something else Mattias took care of this week was preparing a workshop about business acumen he wants to hold at the end of March. The workshop will help everyone become even more professional to be able to build a more profitable iGoMoon. This is actually very tied to the salary discussions mentioned before. Everyone working at a small and growing company really needs to buy in and do their best to bring the business forward.


"What could I have done differently?"

Lately, Mattias has been reflecting on his leadership a lot. He realizes more and more how important being confident about the decisions he makes is. If you act confused as a leader, there won't be a good base to build trust. To improve his leadership, Mattias is taking many actions. He currently attends several leadership coachings to help him become an even better version of himself.

"What did I learn?"

He learned a lot when he improved iGoMoon's new sales presentation.

The victories:

This week's kudos go to Dennis, for having the courage to take a tough conversation over the phone instead of taking the easy way of sending an email.

A culture with a clear purpose is very important to attract and keep the right talents - especially when the job market is overheated.

How does the job market look in for your niche?

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