Communicating expectations clearly will avoid disappointments

In today's episode, Mattias talks about expectations, communication, and disappointments and how they are all connected.

Setting clear expectations

In order to be disappointed, you need to have expectations in the first place. Mattias explains that the quality of his life results from the way he communicates, and an essential part of avoiding disappointments is proper communication.

Approaching disappointment

Over the years, he learned that disappointment is the gateway to creating drama. That is predominate because you're looking at yourself as the victim whenever you're disappointed. And that perspective is something that Mattias doesn't like.

Communicating expectations

He prefers to look at things from a more responsible side and analyzes his own behavior. Often, disappointment results from a lack of communication - the communication of expectations. This is something that Mattias learned over time and, until this day, still continues to improve.

Avoid disappointments by communicating clear expectations.

What is your take on communicating expectations in relation to disappointment?

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