Dealing with fear and different opinions people have

In today's episode, Mattias shares his experience of fearing other people's opinions and explains why the only judge who should matter to you is yourself.

Being a decision maker

Mattias shares that, especially in his position as the CEO of his company, he needs to decide many things on a daily basis. Not everyone always likes what he decides, and that, of course, affects him. This is exactly what he is trying to overcome in the leadership course he's attending at the moment: getting over that kind of codependency inside his company.

Fear can be good

He explains that fear is part of his daily work environment, but this doesn't necessarily need to be something negative. There are different types of fear: one is the one that challenges you and can push you just the right amount, and the other fear is the one that paralyzes you.

Mattias can definitely relate to that feeling of being paralyzed. He wanted to start his own business for years but was too afraid to do it. However, one day it just clicked for him. He realized that he didn't want to look back at his life and discover that he didn't do what he wanted to do.
That day he truly understood that he had to change something, and he started to focus entirely on his own journey instead of looking at what other people were doing.

Handling different opinions

Over time, he learned that other people's opinions about him were not really the problem. The problem was the judging voice inside Mattias' own head. This voice is something everyone should be aware of and work on because it will heavily impact the outcome of whatever it is you're trying to create.

One last thing he mentions is that people will always have opinions about you, especially if you're trying something new. It's always tough to be an outsider of the "herd". Humans naturally want to be part of a group and blend in with everyone else. But if you're going to work towards your dreams, you need to take that uncomfortable step and just do the things you need to do.

The only judge you should care about is the voice inside your own head.

How do you deal with fear and less positive opinions?

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