Healthy competition can drive your team

Mattias talks about whether collaboration and competition can co-exist in a workplace in today's episode.

Finding what drives you team

If you want to grow and improve your company, you need to create something that your team can reach for. As a leader, it is essential to listen to your team and every individual person, and figure out what drives them.

In iGoMoon's case, these things could be goals like beating the company's best records. Revenue, sales, or labor utilization goals are some examples. Mattias explains that beating these company's best records as a team results from everyone individually beating their personal best records. This is an excellent example of why competition and collaboration have to co-exist within a team.

Competing against yourself

When Mattias asks Svea what her favorite mobile game is, she responds: "Tetris." He wants to know if there's any kind of competition going on whenever she plays, and she replies that she's definitely competing against herself, trying to beat her last high score.

The willingness to compete against yourself is crucial when wanting to achieve anything, and at the same time, it is the healthiest form of competition. You need to look at where you are today, where you want to be and how you can defeat the obstacles in between.

Comparing yourself to others

The unhealthiest way of competition is to compare yourself to another person. You don't know where that person started, their journey, and their circumstances. In fact, comparing himself to others stopped Mattias from achieving his goals for a long time.

Your job as a leader is to figure out what drives your team.

How do you approach competition in your company?

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