The principle of a company and what it means

In today's episode, Mattias talks about the importance of standing out as a company and always remembering the principle of the company.

A part of scaling a business

Mattias' company is facing some financial tightness at the moment, and though he clarifies that it's not an emergency, it's definitely an urgency.

Episodes like this are normal when you're scaling a company - if they weren't, everyone could build a successful company. Also, iGoMoon has been in situations like this before, and always managed to get back on track. However, Mattias explains that leadership is vital in these episodes. Right now, he finds himself going back to the core of his company: who they are and why they do what they do.

The principle of the company

Looking back at the transitioning phase from growing from 15 to 25 people, he can see that they stopped talking about what makes iGoMoon iGoMoon: the principle. They need to start talking much more about the vision again.

During the first five to six years when Mattias started iGoMoon, the vision was almost everything he talked about, especially when talking to customers. Over time, more and more new people came into the company, bringing in their expertise in different areas, like design or web development. This was probably also when the focus started to shift from the vision to the features.

Telling your own story

This shift that Mattias recognized over the years was also why he talked so heavily about the vision and iGoMoon and his personal story at the kickoff conference last summer. He wanted to encourage people to tell their own stories. Only when everyone understands what that moonshot journey means to them can the vision be alive within the company.

At the end of the day, many other web agencies out there have the same certifications; they have similar processes and marketing strategies. The only way to stand out is to communicate the principle. This principle will create emotions and feelings, and this eventually leads to sales - because people buy based on their emotions.

Mattias ends the episode by sharing a story:

Some years ago, iGoMoon was competing against some other web agencies. Mattias was representing his company, and in the end, iGoMoon won the job. Mattias later heard that someone asked that company why they chose iGoMoon. Their answer was: because they believe in something.

Never forget what makes your company your company.

What is your company's principle and what does it mean to your customers?

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