Prioritizing HubSpot certifications on a different level

Earlier this week, Mattias attended the online experience of the "HubSpot Partner Day". This event is targeted towards HubSpot's partners exclusively. They have been going through many updates regarding the partnerships at the event and revealed exciting opportunities in the HubSpot Partner ecosystem.

The platform is becoming more and more a CRM tool that helps companies to grow, which enables partners like iGoMoon to provide new products for their customers.

Self-inventory: "What could I have done better?"

Talking about HubSpot, Mattias also shares some thoughts about HubSpot certifications and how he needs to remind his team how important they are.

iGoMoon is a very goal-driven company, and its teams are set up to succeed on a weekly basis.
Understandably everyone wants to contribute to the company's success and is trying to generate as many billable hours as possible.

A fully-booked calendar can therefore make people feel important and good about themselves. However, it can equally stress people out if they are not filling out their schedule to the maximum and their calendar stays relatively empty.

This is where Mattias and his team need to become much better at communicating what kind of things can be done in the unbillable time. In this time, the team should grow their knowledge around HubSpot and aim to receive as many HubSpot certifications as possible.

Mattias can identify a trend of those certifications becoming more and more essential. Even the number of potential customers who specifically ask about the kind of HubSpot certifications a team has been rewarded is rising significantly. Customers are aware.

It's easy to see why Mattias wants to make sure to prioritize these certifications on a whole new level and encourage his team more than ever to use their unbillable hours to grow their expertise.

Self-inventory: "What did I learn this week?"

Mattias continued to work a lot alongside Mathilda regarding HR work. She has just started the position as iGoMoon's first HR person and understandably asks many questions, which puts Mattias into a place where he has to look at the HR side from a new perspective.

He has realized that he wants to change the interval of the individual "growth calls" to the schedule they have been on earlier. Initially, the time for these growth calls was defined by the person's starting date at the company, which caused these calls to spread over the year.

Mattias changed this rhythm some time ago to a system where all of the calls were held around the same time. However, in retrospect, he can see that this created a bottleneck for the team leaders, and this is why he wants to go back to the initial, more spread-out schedule of growth calls.

Self-inventory: "Celebrations & Kudos"

This week's kudos go out to Dennis, Henrik, and Mathilda.

Dennis landed a new customer this week, and Henrik has shown to be very brave handling some customer relationships that had some friction in them. Mathilda has done a great job during her onboarding process as the weeks prior.

HubSpot certifications become more and more important. Make sure to show your team that they are a top priority.

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