Public speaking and how it has developed

In today's episode, Mattias explains why he thinks that the scene of public speaking has changed, why he puts himself out there and how he creates his very own stage.

How public speaking has developed

Mattias starts by saying that public speaking has changed in the past years, due to the evolution of the internet. The internet has created a stage of its own that Mattias happily enters and uses to learn. The vlog "MattGron Talks" is the perfect example of that. He uses it to develop, practice expressing himself, connect with other people and figure out how he can create the most value.

Getting into public speaking

He was first exposed to public speaking during a self-development seminar about 20 years ago.
Around that time, he built a multi-level network marketing business, which had him traveling around Scandinavia and speaking in front of up to 1000 people. He would train these people in sales and also share his own story. Since then, Mattias has not been publicly speaking in a classical sense; but he loves it and would like to do more of it in the future.

The process is the stage

However, he explains that he is basically at his stage right now, recording his vlogs. He is already talking about the topics that matter most to him: self-development, leadership, scaling up his business and sharing his entrepreneurial journey. He also adds that you need to put out a lot of content first to even become invited to speak at a stage in (its traditional sense). You have to build credibility around yourself and show people you know what you're talking about. The process is the stage.

Preparing for speaking

When Svea asks Mattias about stage fright and nervousness, he shares that he also deals with those feelings. He adds that he believes that being nervous is a good and natural thing, and it is a process of overcoming yourself and growing better. A huge misconception about entrepreneurs and people running their own businesses is that they are not afraid. The truth is, he is probably more scared than anyone else, he says. But for him, there is no alternative.

Something he does to be as prepared as possible is to reverse-engineer what he's going to say. First he would think of the goal he has with a speech and then think about the way to get there. Like this he's getting a rough framework that can structure into different topic blocks he wants to talk about. Being a visual person, that technique really helps him with planning his presentation. However, he explains that you always need to interact with your audience, and try to read their body language. It's so important to change and tweak stuff accordingly to what kind of people you have in front of you in that very moment.

The process is the stage.

How does your stage look like in public speaking?

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