Reviewing year 2021 with an agency perspective

Today's episode, being the last Wednesday episode of the year 2021, seemed to be the perfect occasion to look back at the year and what has happened at iGoMoon.

Difficult start to the year

Svea starts the episode on a positive note and asks Mattias about the victories of the year.
Mattias shares that iGoMoon was in very bad shape at the beginning of 2021. Q1 was one of the toughest quarters Mattias experienced throughout the 10 years of him running his company. Of course, the pandemic was one of the main reasons for the bad financial situation and also the overall negative energy in everyone's personal life, which also affected the spirit at iGoMoon. After all, Covid affected all of us on so many different levels. And as if that wasn't enough, the company was also plagued by tons of growth pain.

Turning things around

However, Mattias shares joyfully that the team at iGoMoon managed to turn everything around by 180 degrees. When he looks back at Q1, he can clearly see that everyone was very much focused on themselves and their problems and predominantly driven by egoism. Fast forward 10 months, and you will find a team that embodies the complete opposite. There is a lot of team spirit going on: everyone is working together extremely well and puts the team before themselves as individuals. Mattias adds that the joy has returned to the office as well and everyone achieves things together and has fun with each other.

He gives a lot of kudos to everyone for both their journeys as individuals and the transformation of the team they were working so hard for.

The mindset of a leader

When Svea asks Mattias if he expected that drastic change iGoMoon went through from the beginning of the year until now, he answers: "Of course!". He explains that this is exactly the mindset you must have as a leader. You need to swim against the current and see what you are striving for in front of your inner eye. If you are not able to do that, how could you possibly be a part of achieving that?

Some other victories of the year include Mattias winning the entrepreneurial award of the "Familjen Knut och Ragnvi Jacobssons Stiftelse" and the connected scholarship. Also, setting a new revenue record in November and doubling the headcount of the team definitely made it to the list.

Always improving

Of course, where there's light there's shadow and Mattias talks about the challenges and the possibilities of improvement as well. As he already explained in the beginning, the start of the year marked one of the toughest periods in iGoMoon's history for a variety of reasons. Something he wants to improve in the near future is the leadership at iGoMoon. Both when it comes to the management team and self-leadership. He wants it to be clear for everyone what their personal mission is and what the mission for the whole team is. Another factor in making the direction clearer is, of course, communication.

When looking back at the year as a whole, Mattias definitely thinks of it as a victorious year on so many levels. He is really looking forward to 2022 and making it the best year so far. Two of next year's goals are to grow the team to 32 people and reach a revenue of 24 million SEK.

You might be surprised how much can change in only one year, if you're willing to work hard and never lose sight of your vision.

Which victories are you celebrating from 2021?

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