Satisfied customers drive sales

This Wednesday Svea has a lot of questions regarding finding customers.

1. How did you find your very first customers?

At the very beginning of his web agency business, Mattias used the common bootstrap tactics to find customers that he combined with the knowledge from his sales background. The strategy he used was predominately leveraging his and his co-founder's network and doing a lot of cold calling. He also went from door to door in the business hotel where iGoMoon was located at that time and asked the other companies there if they needed a new website - for free. Mattias explains that in the beginning, he worked a lot for free to build a base of customers who could recommend the agency to other (paying) customers.

2. Do you still work with some of your first customers?

Mattias tells about how iGoMoon's services and focus have changed over the years, which is the main reason why they are not working with the original customers today. He adds that however, iGoMoon might still be hosting their websites, but they are not actively working with them, since they are not the perfect fit for one another anymore.

3. How do you find your customers today?

Mattias sums up that at the beginning they have used predominantly push tactics and outbound strategies. Today iGoMoon utilizes a lot more inbound-based marketing tactics. These are e.g. bottom of the funnel content and other content pieces. On that note, he adds that he believes that iGoMoon is currently underinvesting on the marketing side and that he is talking about this with his team right now.

Mattias also mentions the important point, that happy customers are basically your best salespeople. Customers who are happy and satisfied with you and your services will always recommend you further and drive new sales. The advantage of having multiple of these happy customers is the biggest difference when it comes to generating new customers now vs. in the beginning, according to Mattias.

4. How do you ensure a stable customer base?

Mattias points out that he believes that this has been the hardest question of the day, but the answer is surprisingly simple: we need happy customers above all else.
Some ways to ensure that is to really think through your packaging, bundle your services and make it clear for both your team and the customer what kind of value you deliver. Further, work on teachable processes, build an aligned marketing and sales strategy and hire the right people.

Happy customers are always your best salespeople.

How do you know when a customer is a perfect fit for your business?

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