What does it mean to be a successful entrepreneur?

In today's episode, Mattias talks about when you know you "made it" as an entrepreneur, what successful entrepreneurship looks like for him and why he gets up every single morning.

Being in the process

First of all, Mattias explains that being an entrepreneur is not about reaching a specific goal or a destination. For Mattias, being an entrepreneur is all about being in and loving the process of building a company.

When Mattias looks back at the last 15 years, seeing where he came from and what things he achieved along the way, he indeed reached many milestones. However, he never stops and thinks about these achievements - he is always already onto the next step of his journey.

Living the purpose

Something else Mattias remembers when he thinks about his life over a decade ago is that he constantly felt like he didn't do what he was meant to do. He felt like whatever he was doing at the time was not his purpose.

This feeling has completely changed once he started his entrepreneurial journey. Nowadays, he might be tired or have a bad day sometimes, but he wakes up every morning knowing he is living his purpose. He is a business owner; he creates jobs, makes an impact, and works at the forefront every day. These are the things that make him happy and embody success for him.

Focusing on your own path

If you look at the mainstream definition of success, however, you will realize that for most people, success is attached to numbers. Mattias clarifies that if he'd tried living up to these standards and other people's idea of being successful, he would have quit his journey a long time ago. It's essential to only focus on your own path without looking at how other people might be doing it. In the end, the only person you should compare yourself to is yourself.

Look at where you were a year ago or five years ago; that's how you can understand your unique progress.

The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself.

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