Willingness to stay in the game and work hard

In today's episode, Mattias talks about important soft and hard skills that helped him get where he is today. He also explains why willingness is essential for building anything in life.

Foundation for the entrepreneurial journey

Some of Mattias' best skills are willingness, business acumen, and sales knowledge.
The willingness laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial journey early on and still influences his work every single day. Every day he decides to stay in the game and work hard.

On the other hand, his business acumen and sales knowledge helped him develop the courage to pick up the phone and do business. He always knew which questions to ask and has a natural passion and talent for these things.

Soft vs. Hard skills

When it comes down to which category of skills was more important for his journey (soft vs. hard skills), he explains that it's neither one of them. He emphasizes how important it is that hard and soft skills feed off each other and create symbioses.

You can buy a gym membership, but you will never see results if you're never going to the gym and putting in the work. It's the same thing with building a business. It's a mix of putting in the work, doing practical things, and having the willingness and dedication.

Knowing strengths and weaknesses

Another critical thing to keep in mind is that you don't need to learn everything yourself. It's essential to understand your strengths and weaknesses and hire the right people for your company who can complement your skills.

Willingness is the key to accomplishing anything in life.

Which are your most important skills?

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